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About us


  • New gospel music production
  • Performance at churches and ministries
  • Music production training
  • Community service
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More Christian Gospel Music Ministry (MCGMM) was officially registered as a religious non-profit organization in Nevada in 2007. It is an independent gospel ministry, and does not belong to any church. Upholding the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel of the cross, we are willing to join the group with members who share the same feeling, combine with personal gifts, obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit, fully commit to work with each other to create and publish gospel songs, small musicals, oratories, etc., and hold music evangelism. Our mission is spreading the gospel to the world with music, influencing people to the Lord, guiding believers and catechumen to realize the importance of hymns and worship, and revealing them the truth to strengthen people’s confidence.

Introduction to our composers

Henry Chen

President and founder of MCGMM

Henry Chen, born in Tianjin China in 1939, immigrated to the US in 1995.

He was a commander and composer in military cultural regiment and Tianjin Film Studio. In September 2005, he was baptized by the Pastor Yongguan Chen in Las Vegas, started his new life of serving the Lord. From 2005 to 2011, he was taking the role of the choir commander of Las Vegas Chinese Christian Church, and founded MCGMM in 2007. He has composed hundreds of gospel songs in various type, including unison, chorus, solo, and quartet. He also composed some musicals and oratorios, etc.  He graduated from Vison University (A Seminary) in 2010 and achieved M.M.. 

Josheph Tian

Gospel composer & music producer

Joseph Tian,  born in Shenyang, Liaoning province in 1982, moved to Beijing in 1999 with parents.

Started music career since 2006, created many high-quality music work, including music for films, TV series, cartoons, advertisements, drama; composing and producing pop music for famous singers in China. 

He was baptized in 2007 in China. Started in gospel music from 2010, he has composed and arranged dozens of gospel songs.